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Each tube has 8 grams of CAVADEXTRIN® Can reduce cholesterol and plaque within 4 weeks

“Since starting [RemChol], I no longer have any angina pain and indeed the heaviness/ pressure in/on my chest is lessened.”

- Tom, after using RemChol® for 2 months

Heart disease and cholesterol

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death worldwide— killing an estimated 17.9 million people each year. 1 This often fatal group of diseases can be managed by a variety of treatments, including dietary and other lifestyle changes. However, these do not always reverse the progression of the disease and are typically sensitive to other lifestyle factors. CVDs are caused by arterial plaque buildup, i.e., atherosclerosis, whose main components include fats and cholesterol. One way to treat CVDs is to remove these plaque components from the arteries, helping to restore their normal function

CAVADEXTRIN®/RemChol® Benefits

CAVADEXTRIN® is a cyclodextrin-based treatment that has been shown by numerous academic studies to halt and even reverse the progression of arterial plaque buildup by removing cholesterol and other plaque components.

Patients are already seeing incredible results from using RemChol® a selfadministered enema containing 8 grams of CAVADEXTRIN®. Several physicians have administered CAVADEXTRIN® to their patients to treat a variety of cholesterol/plaque-related heart conditions and have noted a variety of benefits, including reductions in both cholesterol and stenosis.

Lower cholesterol

CAVADEXTRIN® was administered to one patient that previously required 5 stents due to atherosclerotic disease. As shown in the graph below, without altering his lifestyle, the patient showed a 61.32% reduction in cholesterol, 75.50% reduction in triglycerides, and 59.46% reduction in LDL (“bad cholesterol”), as well as an overall reduction in plaque size.


Reduction in angina pain

Larry, a 57-year-old RemChol® user, showed a ~42% reduction in overall cholesterol and a ~56% reduction in LDL (i.e., “bad” cholesterol) after using RemChol® from January until November. These values were decreased to within the NVDPA target lipid ranges for patients at risk for cardiovascular disease. In fact, after only 1 month of using RemChol®, Larry reported that the feeling in his feet returned, and he also reported a drastic reduction in angina pain.

“Fantastic. I am experiencing great results. My feet were numb and the feeling has returned.”

- Larry, 57, after using RemChol for 1 month

Stenosis Reduction

RemChol® tubes are a proprietary formulation containing 8 grams of HP-βCD. It has already provided incredible results to many CVD patients, who are on track to return to their normal lives.

Pierre, a 75-year old RemChol® user with diabetes, showed a stenosis reduction from >70%, down to 40–59% in his right internal carotid artery.

“…I used RemChol for a month when my right artery had a[n] 82% stenosis before surgery… When I arrived at USA for the surgery the surgeon repeated the Doppler in his office and the speed then was 200 which reflected a stenosis of only 63%!!!!!!!!!!!!”

- Pierre, 75, after using RemChol for 1 month

How does it work?

There are decades of science behind these amazing results. Cyclodextrins are large molecules derived from sugars that can complex and remove arterial plaque components such as fats and cholesterol. 2-Hydroxyydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin (HP-β-CD) is a biocompatible cyclodextrin derivative that has been used in numerous studies to remove cholesterol and other arterial plaque components. In some studies, it has even been shown to reverse the progression of arteriosclerosis.

The HP-β-CD molecule has a large internal cavity that can house cholesterol and other arterial plaque components. Using cholesterol as an example, HP-βCD approaches the cholesterol molecule, and then strong interactions between the two pull the cholesterol molecule into the internal cavity of HP-β-CD. Once cholesterol (or another plaque component) is inside, HP-β-CD transports them throughout the body, where they are safely expelled via the urine within hours.


Molecular model showing how HP-β-CD (blue) captures cholesterol (green) in its internal cavity and removes it from the body.

Is it safe?

In-line with our own findings [Reference our docs here] on the safety and efficacy of CAVADEXTRIN®, numerous scientific studies from almost 40 years of research have shown that HP-β-CD safely reduces cholesterol in patients. I accomplishes this without major side-effects, provided it is not administered spinally. All reported adverse effects via other administration routes have been minor and quickly resolve on their own.

Both, the US FDA and the Australian TGA have noted that HP-β-CD is safe for administration. In fact, the FDA approved it as an inactive ingredient in 1999. RemChol® is administered via an enema to ensure maximum absorption of CAVADEXTRIN®. There have been no major adverse effects reported via this administration route at this dose, in either our own research or in independent academic research.2


Backed by almost 40 years of research and using an FDA-approved ingredient, RemChol® has provided our customers with numerous health benefits, including lower cholesterol, reduced stenosis, and returned sensation to their feet. When taken properly, no major side effects have been reported when using RemChol®, providing a safe, effective way to lower your cholesterol.

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